Ok, So I lied. I was so excited after I got my travel visa, that I just went to Mexico to hang out with my friend. I will Be here for the next couple weeks. This is me relaxing in my friends mom’s backyard. It is kind of hot but over all it is very nice this time of year. The hot season is ending and things are starting to mello out.

So While I was here in Matamoros, Mx; It has been incredible. i Absolutely love the respect that people give each other, If you are in a store and others come in everyone greets each other. Also they tend to work a lot also! My girlfriend works like 12 to 14 hour days. This is not at all what other places would have you believe about mexico. These people work very hard however they play hard too.

So when I got here we went to the town center to a park type of place and there we had this spicy corn. It was very very good but it was very spicy hahaha. If you have not been to Mexico, spicy has a different meaning here. Honestly, I have never had food this hot in my life! Ok, I have had Thai before and that is very hot also, but spice is just in the culture here and I absolutely love it.  We also walked around a lot and took in the sights, and a Platanos refresca is an icecream based kind of banana sundae. It is incredible, and I do believe my favorite drink I have ever been Privy to.

There does not seem to be any desire to go to historic places outside of town to look around. I do see signs of violence, but everything seems ok now. There are pleas for peace written on some of the walls and we drove around. This is a simple town and I love it immensely, this may seem odd, but they seem to be in touch with nature more also? Birds are everywhere and they do not seem bothered by the wanderings of people. They seem almost integrated? It is difficult to describe the seeming kinship.

Oh this morning we went shopping in Brownsville and we met this great guy named Milo, check out his taxi here; . He was a great guy and took us around brownsville all morning, very well priced and he was just very nice. So we went to look at shoes and dresses for the wedding. I must say this was my first time to the US and I enjoyed myself a lot, Things seemed very safe? It just seemed odd to not look over my shoulder as much, ya know?

So i enjoyed my run to the US and Mexico immensely. Everyone was so nice and graceful to each other. We have not had any problems with anything and we are just relaxing now. There is much dancing planned this evening hahah. It is funny, how happy people are when they seemingly have nothing. I take that back, they have each other. Mexico is a culture of social masters who love and live life to its fullest. I Love Mexico.

I hope ya’s enjoyed my post today! I hope to see you at my next one 🙂


Stone Henge

There are many reasons to go to Britain, I cannot think of a better place to go to relish in the atmosphere of the old Knighthoods. To be involved in the day to day operations of a Castle, or the defense of a town or city, It is absolutely breath taking. So if you go to Britain, where do you go? What do you see?

I would absolutely love to see Stonehenge; I would consider that one of the crowning achievements of my life. I would only like to go during the solstice to see the live ceremonies involved in and around this area. It is obviously a place of power and incredible insight. I saw a national geographic show once where they were using Stonehenge to magnify the Bass sound through the area, this may be proof of what it was used for but i know the bathrooms in school were pretty good for sound also.

I am only saying that it could be a coincidental bi-product of the construction of the area and not have anything to do with what it was actually designed for; which is as a Calendar if I am correct? There seems to be many discoveries about this and I am not sure something has changed without my knowledge. It is just so incredible that these HUGE stones were moved from their quarry and placed there. Why there? What significance does that position have for a Calendar, Was it a dark area so they could see the stars better? Or did the valley put more emphasis on the sounds for rituals?

I would also absolutely love to go Castle Hopping, To see these mighty structures intact and able to house so many people is just an absolute feet of engineering. It is also pretty incredible the structures have survived as long as they have. I also hear some of them are quite haunted! It might be fun to make it a Halloween kind of surprise to visit these places.  I finally got my travel Visa for the US so I hope to put that to use when I go to Mexico here in a couple weeks. My friend lives very close to the border with Texas. I am sooooo excited!

It may seem that i spend my days dreaming of going other places and not truly enjoying where i currently am. This is not true, I go to many local places and love it here very much, I think this is a problem for everyone. They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? I think this is true for everyone, everyone is always thinking about what they do not have and hoping for something different, some variety. Honestly, I would absolutely love to walk around the English Countryside and view like an old quarter in London, or elsewhere to try to grasp what life was like around the time of Chivalry. I should be a historian, LOL.

That is all for today, I hope you all enjoyed reading my posts and I look forward to talking about the next vacation spot on my list later on! Have a nice night!



Pisa, Italy
Pisa, Italy

My minds’ eye is humming and brimming with the possibilities of what adventures I might find myself in to in Italy. The stunning landscape and interesting architecture are just a testament to the beautiful people i hear live there. There has been a bit of a past with Italy with the gangster mentality but even in their daily lives they were born of respect for one’s elders and the society oozes respect.

I particularly am in love with the sites of Venice, All the pictures I see are just incredible and capture me in my youth with every frame. It is incredible that the city is built in conjunction with the water, and the romance factor is just through the roof! Also the music, The music is just a facet of our souls to be so inclusive in to the fabric of this most beautiful City.

I would love a week long sight seeing tour around this City. It just seems to be the very intimate soul of humanity. I also have heard that the Italian people drink very much wine! Wine, Wine, All the time. I must admit I am also a bit of a Wine junky, My favorite is to drink a dry white with a very sharp cheddar; my taste buds are just glowering for this now as I write it!

Unfortunately as i write these posts I realize how shameful it is that I cannot see these places, they elude me. However all is not lost, I do travel some. I am actually traveling to Mexico here soon and I cannot wait! I am going to a wedding of an Amiga de mi 🙂  I so adore this woman, we grew up together before I moved to the New Zealand. She is a very strong woman also who does not take life for granted. We have very much in common and I will be blessed to see her again, it has been a very long time.

So aside from Boozing it up with lots of wine, being swept off my feet by an incredible male specimen, and rushed for a boat ride through the canals of Venice; I really cannot think of a better Saturday night, can you? OH! I so cannot wait to try the spaghetti in Italy, does this sound stupid?

I would imagine that the pasta is much better there? With the wine for sure, It seems to me if you want to try the dish as it was intended; you go to where it was invented? I honestly don’t know if spaghetti was invented in Italy and I probably shouldn’t assume so but I am going to.  I can just imagine the fullness of the pasta sauce made with real tomatoes would be much better than the canned stuff I eat here and grew up eating from time to time. Well, I hope to talk with you all again soon! I hope you enjoyed reading my little installment 🙂


France tourism
France tourism

This is the first place I would love to travel, France. The absolutely incredible Country side, the rich – thick culture are very alluring to the intellectual in me. My heart desires to see an actual vineyard that has been around for 100’s of years. The taste of a well known brand of wine with some cheese are the things dreams are made of, for me at least.

The thought of each taste of cheese and wine rustling past my taste buds and at the same time testing my sense of smell is the only thing that I think of throughout the day other than taxes.  New
Zealand has its own appeals sure, I absolutely love going down to the water and just relishing in the sounds of the birds and the waves crashing. It does my heart well to be so calmed and stress free for the amount of time i can spend there.  If anyone could suggest a great hotel or a town or city to go see I would love to hear it.

I have not started a relationship with a travel agent yet, I hear that there are some very good ones. I had a friend that flew from Seattle, Washington to Charlotte, NC in the States for around $200. I am not all that keen on the Dollar and prices of stuff in the States but that seems really low to me. I think I need to start that relationship soon, It can’t hurt to have a new friend!

I am really blown away by the thought of France in 800 A.D. the Dark Ages were a part of history that i revel in and am just in lust with. The stories of the Knights Templar, Knights of St. John, and a host of others are just something i have spent a lot of time studying and look forward to some concrete archeology as a past time.  This really seems fun to me and I know a bit of that history for those Knightly Chapters. That is not to say i could not learn more, I love to talk about this and really would love to see some of the architecture in France that dates this era of History.

That is all for my first real post, I hope you all had as much fun as I did thinking about this stuff and the possibilities that accompany such a desired hike across the French Countryside.  See you again Soon!



Hello world!

Hello Everyone! I am New Zealand Honey and I will be keeping up this blog, You can expect much more soon. But for tonight this is my first post and I am just getting setup. Please stop by often as I will be updating this page regularly. I hope to see ya’s soon!

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